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I really shouldn't stay up this late.
My first proper LJ entry and it's 3:20 in the morning. u_u
I've got half a project done that was due in 3 weeks ago. I just have to get the other half done tomorrow morning. :(
I've started the fortnightly Virus scan since I want an excuse to leave the computer on so I can get at it in the morning.
Plus I really felt like nodding off in Presenting Information using ICT (Presenting) yesterday. My tutor asked if I was getting enough sleep but I threw it off as a once only thing. The thing is though, I have to catch up my sleep some how yet get all the stuff I want to do done. My website, PMM, college work, The Point which is the college magazine of which I'm the Art Editor (I even get a spiffy little badge to prove it ^_^) and other bits and pieces such as general Internet stuff.
There just aren't enough hours in the day. :(