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New Icon

So many small little unimportant posts! :D This time, showing off a new icon. Used Boots' (</a></b></a>chriskarate) cool random LJ Icon thing.
Click here to try it out and click Refresh for more.


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Jan. 13th, 2005 09:05 am (UTC)
In my defense, I have to say that it isn't truly random. It picks from the 101 icons I made from random Google-Image-Searched graphics, and arranges them randomly with no repeats. This was made with the goal of some of the results looking mildly artistic. :3

It won't be truly random until I've made a Perl script that trolls Google Image Search, plucking out random images and making random areas of them into the kind of images seen on the site. I don't even know Perl yet, so it may take me a few millenia to accomplish something like that and plug it in to what I have there so far. ^_^;
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