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System Reformat has gone well. Also found it might of been a failing cable, not a failing drive that was causing my problems with Stronghold (S:). After switching it out and plugging Prime Scale (P:) in its place, Windows detected a failing controller problem and said it could be the cable. Swapped that out and since then, no issues! :) So might format and reinstall Stronghold, see if it works again. ^_^
Now going to be installing my old software on a as needed basis. No need to slow up C: unless its needed. ;P
Got a great 'new' IRC client too, all the features of mIRC, and none of the suck. :D Is called leafChat and was like, made in '97. And is perfect for total IRC newbies and experienced users. Check out out! :O
Screenshot of new desktop coming soon, and hoping to get a SkypeIn number too!

Oh.. and party wise, 82.75% of 29 people confirmed! :D Including me, Nanaki and Furble that is. ;) Yay for pointless maths.
E-mails will be going out this week with times and so details! :D