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EpicWiki Launches!

That's right! Only a few days late, but better late than never. ;)

What is EpicWiki?


EpicWiki is an on-line collaborative writing project that anyone can edit and contribute to. This means that it can be used for creating open and interesting fiction from either one or multiple authors and let readers comment and give their own impressions back to the story tellers as they tell it. Users will be able to if they wish start stories and let others finish them; create stories and let others come up with a character's back story and motivations; create universes and places, letting others come up with the plot; and hopefully much much more.
Of course there are maybe times you want to write your story, the site also allows authors to mark their story for no editing, so others can develop from it, but treat the original as a 'canon', with only changes like grammar, spelling and typos allowed to be made. The site also contains many other tools that will allow authors to join together for group projects and planning much larger works.
This wiki aims to give writers a place to work with others to create their stories and help others with theirs. To provide an archive of original creative writing work and to provide discussion space for story writing and fiction.

The site is now in Beta Testing but open for people to sign up and start writing! You'll need to sign up manually, but that's only during this beta stage. Go and check it out!

Many thanks to everyone who's helped me get this far. ^.^ Shout outs to </a></b></a>orona_red, </a></b></a>gab, chriskarate and battie. :)