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Help the Nintendo Network test!

Live in Europe and want to help out Nintendo make a game network for the up coming Nintendo Revolution which actually works well without having problems with your internet connection? Then check this out. :)

Download the Animal Crossing Clock Network Test Utility and use it to perform a series of small tests on your network configuration so Nintendo can analyse the results and design their system to work with internet connections like yours. :)

1. Go to http://ms.nintendo-europe.com/wifitest/en_home.htm and choose to download the installer.
2. Install the program and run it.
3. Follow through the wizard, click the blue link if you want an FAQ with further information about the test.
4. Answer some simple questions about your internet connection (Connection Type, Wired or Wireless, Router/Modem Brand, Router/Modem Model)
5. Run the test, it takes about five minutes and you can continue to use the internet normally. If you run Windows XP Service Pack 2 with a Firewall, you may be asked by Windows to Unblock the program to internet access, please do so. You don't need to configure any other firewalls however.
6. After the test you will be shown the results in your web browser, read them over and click the submit button on the web page.
7. The results will be sent and you'll be told when its done, you can then close your browser.
8. You can then continue to use the Animal Crossing clock if you wish, there are a few options if you right click it or its system tray icon. If you don't wish to, you can uninstall the program from the Windows Add/Remove Programs Control Panel.


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Aug. 31st, 2005 04:37 am (UTC)
Maybe.. check out this article: http://www.cube-europe.com/news.php?nid=8100
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