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Today's things of interest

Thought I'd actually have a go at posting about random stuff that I've done or been thinking about recently.

Firstly, film reviews:
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: This is my all time favourite book of all time, so I was very impressed at how close to the original story this version did get. However the whole Wonka childhood sub-plot was a little strange and the ending meant they've put them in a bit of a stick if they want to do a film version of the book's sequel. Overall very good though.

  • Crash: Hard to describe without giving the wrong idea about it, but some very good characters, tension and overall, very well written.

Next, Windows Vista and Office 12 look just wow. o_O Anyone who isn't impressed with the stuff at the PDC needs to be made to use Windows 3.1 for the rest of their life.

Had a fun time at Foxberance's (</a></b></a>foxb) party. Many thanks for inviting me, even if I was a bit sleepy. ^^;; I demand to play more Mao with people!

Finally, I'm currently reading The Truth for the first time by Mr Pratchett, it is rather good. n_n

I'll end with a Happy Whelpday to Thalyi (</a></b></a>graafen) with many happy returns! ;)