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Another update with actual life content*

*Life Content not guaranteed to be interesting

Firstly hello to Orona (orona_red) when ever you get to read this, hope you had a bit of a fun time during your visit and hoping also your internet returns soon!

Job stuff, I got my contracts, confidentiality agreement, P46 and other fun things that I have to sign and get back to the hiring firm this week ready for my start next Monday. Most annoyingly, I've found yet another strangeness in that it is quite expensive to start work! This week I'm going to need to buy stationary, some more clothes (three extra shirts and an other pair of trousers) and tickets to travel (though those will eventually be returned to me as expenses) just to attend a week away for initial training. Thankfully still I can still rely on my dad to help cover these costs and help transition down from him supporting me to my wages supporting me.
Interestingly, by default I'm going to be paid weekly (first one arriving on the 9th next month) so they are both technically wages (wages being a weekly payment, salary technically being a monthly payment) and I think I will have to change it soon enough to a monthly payment since dealing with weekly incomings and monthly outgoings will be a pain, I can see that already.

Following on from that, I was thinking I might treat myself to a copy of Crackdown on the XBox 360 when I get back from my first week as its coming out this Friday here. Having played the demo, I will be enjoying the main game, not just getting it for Halo 3. ;) Likewise, I've been playing a bit more Gears of War since doing a bit of Co-op on Hardcore difficulty with Orona. Still waiting for someone to offer to play me on Live. :P

I'm also on the beta test now for Windows Home Server, Microsoft's new file/backup/remote access server for the home. I've got it installed on a Virtual PC 2007 and have fiddled with it a little, but I really need to spend a little bit of my money looking in to PC upgrades and getting some real hardware to test it on. :)

Final piece of news is that I've managed to tame WPF a little more and get a very nice looking wizard working for Amuse. I'm going to see if I can get in to a good work flow of basic interface > code behind > pretty up and go from there. The tricky bit next will be composing the main UI correctly as that is quite modular and I need to choose what will be pre-set and what will be generated on the fly.

That's for now, I wonder if I can at least try for weekly posts, that would be something. :) And would give me a big reason to get on internets while I'm stuck at the training thing. o.O


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Feb. 22nd, 2007 12:48 pm (UTC)
Hmm? o.O
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