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(Work) Experience Points

As promised..
Firstly, my training week went not so bad. As it turns out, thanks to people coming to view our house to stay in it next year, the window was fixed the day after I left. What a surprise. :P calihusky had to then go and fix it properly as it was barely held in at all though and I'm still now and then finding bits of glass in my room though its now clear enough that I feel ok (almost) walking around with nothing on my feet.
The hotel was a three star place with pool, silver service restaurant and bar. Food wasn't bad and paid for by the company. Room was really nice and full of free wifi which is how I stayed around on PMM and IRC during the evenings and early mornings. ;)
Most of the week was spent trying to either adjust to 7:30am wake ups (Augh D:) or boringly watching people do their jobs in a way which now is only slightly like the way we are doing ours, despite the original intentions being that. Yay for lack of communication.

This week was of course more interesting as it was a brand new office. Finding no trace of any sort of IT policy anywhere on the intranet I decided to get Firefox and Yahoo! Widgets installed as they would both be helpful to my work. Just as I finish setting them up of course, someone else has found out and lets me know advance nicely that apparently that's not permitted. Yay IE6. u_U So right now my customisations consist of a left side docked task bar to match my home setup, MSN Desktop Search (which is permitted) and F1 the Office assistant to make silly actions when I send e-mail in Outlook. o_o Oh, and a shiny Vista wallpaper of course. ;)

I'm now over my phone phobia which I get when cold calling people to ask them queries that I always get which is good.. and I can mostly dial correctly on the rubbery keypads they have without cocking up.
I also got my lanyard on Thursday, complete with silly picture and Fujitsu-Siemens logo ribbon. So now I can get in and out without banging on doors and possibly have something different to hold a con badge in eventually. ;)

Over the course of the week the process of actually doing work changed quite a lot, along with the volume of work where things only really got heavy at.. 4pm on Friday. As it does. So I and one other plus one Team Leader came in on Saturday for a few hours to pre-process a whole set of orders so that Monday morning everyone can quickly call up and confirm all of them before we get hit by the new ones. And speaking of Monday, I'm on the new 'late shift', which means I get to come in an hour later (yay, bed n_n) and leave an hour later (also yay, miss rush hour in the bus home). Course then I'm on early for two weeks after that where I arrive one hour earlier and leave one hour earlier (which gives me one less benefit but oh well). This early/late is also something they didn't know about till about.. Wednesday. Systems are only now starting to talk to each other and er.. oh yeah, casual Friday apparently isn't approved at this office. But really, its not so bad. ;)

Quick run down of other things:
Sonic and the Secret Rings on the Wii - Very good so far!
Completed main missions in Crackdown, not sure what maybe to try next in it. Co-op anyone?
Not really done any work on Amuse, way too tired in the evenings. Sure I'll get used to this all eventually so I can resume.
Walking to the bus makes my ankles go 'augh!' after extended non-use sitting at home doing nothing. Again, something to get used to as they get exercised often. Maybe try warming up with Wii Sports Tennis in the morning first? o.O
Finally reading 'Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse' at lunch times and wait times for the bus. Very strange, very funny. :)
Nanaki tripped while out Friday evening and pulled something in his leg. Unable to put any weight on it all Saturday meant a trip to the A+E (ER for you USians) in the evening eventually and a surprisingly fast total wait time of 2 hours including reception entry, assessment, diagnosis, x-ray and look over that and finally discharge with a set of crutches and some pain killers. Plus the recommendation to get an appointment with a knee surgeon via his GP to take care possibly of some damage done by a poor job last time he had to have an operation on it.

That's all, enjoy your scrolling and let me know what you think of this on the interesting scale and if there is anything you are curious about that I could post about in work its self during a dull moment. :P


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Mar. 12th, 2007 10:17 am (UTC)
"Not really done any work on Amuse, way too tired in the evenings."

Yeah.. that happens a lot; I find I only get much time to do personal programming projects any more is at weekends...
Mar. 12th, 2007 03:13 pm (UTC)
Dang c_c
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