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NaNoWriMo Progress

As I sit here in the wet autumn sun I have decided to start today with a progress update on my novel.
Following a pleasing jam of 3000 or so words on day one, I aborted that novel start after I found the language to be painfully boring. Afterall, if I didn't like reading it, it wasn't even good enough for NaNo.
So, day three and I restarted, another 3300 words of something much better, complete with murder on page one.
Following a disappointing day of 0 yesterday, I now prepare to blast and write just short of 5000 words today if I wish to catch up to my target total, with other stuff to do today that is unlikely, but hopefully another 3000 day should leave me far better off.
Oh, and all this with job interview on Thursday, more updates on that later.