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First Convention

I write this first 'real' post for a little while being stupidly tired. Having been working non-stop for the last few days on something for Confuzzled which is now just.. two days away. Hopefully it will be done in time.

Anyway, my real purpose for this post was to ask people, its my first con, what should I pack and bring? ^_^;

Thanks for your replies. o_z I sleeeeep now.


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Jun. 16th, 2008 08:24 pm (UTC)
Over time, I've found that I take less to conventions. There are some things you think you may need but end up not needing.

If you expect to use computer equipment for some reason, take the power adapter - and battery chargers and means of storage for any photographic equipment.

What graafen said about toiletries - most places, you won't need a towel of your own, but I would take one for this venue.

If you're recording stuff, take an A5 notepad and a pen or two.

Remember that you may want to have room to take stuff back, if significant arts are being sold or traded.

Once you get there, unload and repack a (preferably smaller) carrying bag with the things you want with you all the time, if that is anything at all.

You probably don't need or more than one item of outerwear (if any). You also probably won't need extra bedding, unless you have been told otherwise.
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