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A few things

Firstly, additional welcomes to a couple more people on my LJ who added me post-ConFuzzled. Have now added you back. :)

Secondly, just wanted to say I'm fairly proud of myself for having done some neat coding yesterday. For those who don't know, I'm working on an MU* client called Amuse for connecting to MUSH's and MUCK's in particular and I've been working on it on and off for the last few years. o_o
The trouble is of course, I've been learning as I go and each time I've made some progress, I discover some new way of doing something that makes things easier but means I end up throwing out most of the code I had done up to that point.
I've now set myself a deadline for a first release by creating a (currently hidden in its pre-release mode) CodePlex project which will self-delete in 16 days if I don't publish in time. This also marks my first Open Source project. go me. :P
If anyone new to my LJ does have an interest in .net and C# (or I guess any code) and wants to help, please let me know. o.o;

Finally, does anyone have £45 to waste buy a neat present for me? ^^ I can't really justify my own money right now since well, its not really mine. c.c;
Tags: amuse, c#, codeplex, developement, mush, programming, xaml

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