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Amuse Alpha Released!

Amuse Banner
Main Screen

As promised in my last post, I created a CodePlex project for Amuse and now I'm pleased to announce that its going live as of now!
I'll keep this post brief and stick to the basics!

You can access the project home page from here:

From there, you can check out the FAQ and all the various bits of information, as well as links to the .net Framework download you will likely need and Amuse its self.

Source code is also available and is released under the BSD licence.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support as I work on this! Extra hugs to Knives / Sketch (_sketch) and Tatikyas / Nall (raimei) for joining the project and if you're still interested enteirah, I'm open!

Not much to look at right now I know but I'll be aiming to do weekly updates and builds from now on. If that doesn't speed up progress, I don't know what will!
Tags: amuse, c#, codeplex, developement, launch, mush, programming, wpf, xaml

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