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Moving Soon! .... Little help?

Yeah yeah, I only seem to post to LJ when I want something. c_c

Either way, general request to all my friends. Bonus points if you can drive too! (Though that might not be required..) I'm going to be moving house (all of about ten minutes walk from the current one if everything goes okay with the house we are in the process of being credit checked for) and we could do with some able bodied pairs of hands to help carry boxes and generally help out and be awesome.

Weekend would be the 4th-5th and we'd provide food, drink, maybe cover travel costs too and if needed, floor space for sleeping if we planned it to run over two days (though that would depend on who could help and when!).

If you can RSVP in the comments below and let me know if you could come help, that would be awesome! If you can't uh.. never mind!
Tags: move, moving, sheffield

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