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Move Complete

Okay, enough of people saying that the use of a certain internet service is reducing the use of blogging and LiveJournal! Here is an attempt to push the pendulum back the other way a little.

So what have I been up to?

The answer to that question is easy, mostly cleaning in one form or another. Putting things in to boxes, taking them out of boxes, cleaning them before and after they’ve been in the box and cleaning the space left behind. Moving is a never ending flow of water and soapy bubbles.

Of course, most of this was my fault for spending a little too much time before the move not getting ready and getting the karmatic result of spending a whole day in our old house after everything except the vacuum cleaner and cleaning gear had gone, scrubbing and dusting. The only thing that saved me was a collection of podcasts I’d downloaded for being offline and it only just about stopped me from going insane. O_o

Incidentally, does anyone else listen to podcasts when cleaning? If so what ones? Most of the ones I listen to are tech related and from the TWiT network and I could do with adding a bit of variety to them.

I should also quickly take a moment to give a large amount of thanks to Stealth (stealth_swift) who was able to lend his paws for a few days and help us pack and shift stuff, and a thank you to everyone else who offered to help if we hadn’t kept changing the moving days!

The new house though is awesome, in particular the shower. @_@ And if any of you are moving again soon and have been using Student Rentals, you might want to see if you can move up to ‘professional’ ones or what ever the right term is. Spencers, our new rental agents, have been ever so nice, helpful and generally reassuring throughout all this stress so here is a little shout out to them. We also technically met our landlord who also happens to be a handyman and thus came around and fixed a load of little things that needed doing before we finished moving in. A curious experience.

View from my windowThe only downside to this new house has been my own room which is now smaller that previous ones, but does have a much nicer view…

Oh, that and BT again telling us the earliest they can install the phone line that we might get internet is the 7th of August. I am thusly trapped on a worse-than-dialup connection speed using my phone’s data link and tethering it to my PC.

This of course means that despite my own web server helping to mirror (bigbluefox) BigBlueFox's ConFuzzled 2009 Video, I can’t actually watch the damn thing. Thankfully, with the upcoming first staff meeting of ConFuzzled 2010 on Sunday, Nall (raimei) will be arriving Saturday and staying over, bringing with him one or two shiny DVD’s. :D

Well, we have just right now passed over 500 words so this post should probably wrap up and I can try and do a smaller one or some such tomorrow with stuff I’ve been working on when I haven’t been trying to make the house liveable. Oh, and let me know if you think this is too long, should be cut, etc etc. I live on attention and feedback after all. c_c See you all later!


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Jul. 24th, 2009 08:30 pm (UTC)
I'm glad to hear the move went well. Here's hoping the new place will last for many years to come, as I know how tedious it gets moving round all the time. >.>
Jul. 25th, 2009 10:57 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the kudos, but also thanks to 'naki for the lager, and yourself for the curried chip butty - food and booze always go down well with me after all!

Anyway yeah, it may be an idea to phone BT retail back and ask them if it's possible to place a "Simultaneous ADSL and PSTN Provision order" (Yes, you need to quote it to them like that in order for this order process to work properly) and you need to ask if they actually do simultaneous provide orders for ISP's that are not on the BT Wholesale IPStream range (as BE are a LLU or "Local Loop Unbundler", meaning that BE have their own ADSL kit (DSLAMs) in BT exchanges) BT Retail at the time of placing the order for the line should quote you a code in the form of three letters, three numbers, two letters (ABC123DE for example) this code should then be passed onto BE at the time of placing the broadband order, and tell them that it's for a Sim ADSL And PSTN provision on the 7th (or whatever date BT retail quote you at) BE then should quote you another code for you to give back to BT retail in order that they can marry the two services together at the exchange end on the day the engineer hooks together your line.

It may work, nothing ventured nothing gained. If nothing else, BT retail at time of placing the order for the line, once quoted that it's for a SIM order, should ask for what ISP the ADSL provision is for and check the databse to see if they're listed as taking on SIM orders. If they don't, I suppose you could always sign up to a standard ADSL IPStream product with an ISP for a month, and migrate within 7 days of it being connected, being that you should be able to invoke distance selling regulations on a broadband connection and force a MAC key request to migrate to BE anyway once it's connected.

http://www.btwholesale.com/pages/downloads/Applications/Orders/Broadband_Customer_Reporting/order_delay_reasons_best_practice_guide_issue1.pdf <-- that PDF makes for interesting reading, it's basically what it says, reasons why broadband orders get delayed if it's an IPStream/SIM order. You may wanna check it out and weigh up your options.

Come back to me if you want any more info. Bare in mind, that document was written 3 months after I stopped working for an ISP, and had use of E-co systems etc. Things have changed a little since I left the industry, but nothing much of detriment.
Jul. 26th, 2009 01:27 am (UTC)
Forget that, I just checked BE's website, and they don't do SIM orders - https://help.bethere.co.uk/help/moving/simultaneous

Looks like you're stuck waiting unfortunately.
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