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7 Things

A post by me? It must be about my new job right?! Nope, LJ meme. Much more fun.

Comment to this post, and I will list seven things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

This selection from washu_chan_uk

As far as I know, I might still currently be the only staff member on the team to of never actually attended any other conventions ever, be they RBW, EF, AC, FC or any others. I wonder thus if when I do eventually attend another con, I may end up in a situation of not actually being able to enjoy them quite so much, given I'd want to go around fixing stuff and passing critique. Though I suppose I won't know until I eventually get to one.
As for CFz, it remains presently my deepest passion. The joy of putting all this hardwork in to something and having so many people derive pleasure from the collective efforts of the team remains a thrill that always leaves me giddy for days after.

I've never enjoyed performing, in the obviously theatrical sense. The idea of so many people watching me and just blanking off all those faces and focusing on the script, the actions and what have you is really hard. Even just doing the voice work for the various pre-recorded parts of the Pawpet show and only Fairlight watching causes me a fair bit of anxiety. Thus I do joke that the best stage for me is one with an opaque wall between me and the audience and in Pawpets, I actually have that.
It also still amazes me that something that I write causes several other people to put hours of work in to preparing whatever it is and then more amazingly, causes several hundred people, most of whom I don't know, to laugh. There is definitely some strange form of mind control at work here, and I want to learn how to hone it!

I now not only enjoy this, but also get paid for doing it. I'm rather pleased with that fact. Even after just a week at this job, I think I'm going to have more days I enjoy it than those I don't. I've already had a few fist-pumping moments where I got some early prototype work operational and clean. Its a terribly good drug those little anticipated shots of success at figuring out these self-building puzzles.

Goals in Life
Up until recently, this sort of question always puzzled me. How do people decide these things? Does one really find something and then shoot for the moon? I've most of my life only thought in terms of a few days ahead in what I want. Anything beyond that is a future that will surprise me.
With 2012 already being a big year of changes for me, I suppose I can at least say my near term but not instant goals are to become completely independent and financially stable, not to mention buy a few nice treats for myself that were previous denied. But beyond that, the only other thing I can think of is knowing I want to make a dent in the universe. I know I've already achieved that somewhat in a few ways, but I'm no where near finished. :)

The Pokémorph MUSH remains for me a one safe place online I can always return to. Regardless of insanity elsewhere in the world, the players there and my friends with its own collection of injokes, lingo and community is something very dear to me and of recent, not something maybe I myself have been putting enough back in to. This is something I oddly feel I will be able to do more now that I have a job, after all, if one's personal time is precious, places like that where one can relax, slump down with a laptop and pretend you are an anthropomorphic armoured purple poisonous rabbit-dinosaur freedom fighter are suddenly all the more appealing in the evenings when they are no-longer the every-day thing.

Odd this topic as I don't really have much to say other than the fact I like it. I've realised I've got a passion for strong flavours in food, if maybe not 'strange' things. If that makes me uncultured or a wimp, so be it. At some point soon I suppose I'll need to actually eat more healthily, I think for now I still have some grace period before that happens. n.n;

This topic actually is one that has sometimes in fact caused me a bit of depression. To the tune that I've been bought games by parents which I have never actually gone on to finish or in a few cases, even play because other activities took their stead. As a result, despite considering myself a 'gamer', I also even suffer from the 'uncultured' problem here, given that (ignoring a NES we owned in the mid-90's with just a couple of Mario games) our first real console was a N64. So the whole 16-bit era many of my generation wax on about is one I never experienced. Likewise I never have had ownership over any Playstation console, my play on those games being borrowed time on other's devices.
Finally after all this today, my main focus in games is limited to a very tiny core of only two sorts. Action fun franchises I already love, such as Mario. And games where I can allow myself to be swallowed by the universe until it becomes part of my existence. The two most notable of these of course being both Pokémon and Halo. And the reasons I love these so much are well, maybe too broad for this topic.
In summary on this one then, I sometimes feel down for having -not- played some games, but those I do, take in to my heart.
Tags: confuzzled, food, gaming, meme, pawpets, pokémorph mush, programming

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I shan't ask for seven things as I already have a backlog from other people, but it's lovely to see you post again!