April 6th, 2004


Character List

This is list of all the characters I've made. :) Not including background and misc ones. Feel free to turn this in to a meme and list your own. ^_^

Name Species Universe/Series/Etc.
Nidonocu Poison-Bunny Furry (Self)
Nidonocu Nidoking-Morph Pokémorph (PMM)
Link Porygon2-Morph Pokémorph (PMM)
Joanna Ledian-Morph Pokémorph (PMM)
Slate Sandslash-Morph Pokémorph (Unapplied for at any MU*)
Rusty Raccoon Starfox Universe (Furry) (Starfox MUSH)
Anthony Non-Descript Bird Anthro Cell - Furry
Tommy Turtle Cell - Furry
Togshi DraKo NeoBeast
Matrix RaCon NeoBeast
Edward Human NeoBeasts - Trainer
Scrub Scarlethorn - Plant-anthro None, Random Creation
Colbolt Wing CyDragon CyDragons
Pallid Claw CyDragon CyDragons
Professor Carrot Carrot :-) Fruit & Vegetable Land (Very Old) ;)

...Now to draw them all. o_o
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