May 12th, 2004



Ragh!! I finally get my University Account name and password back and what happens? My damn laptop won't connect to the network and has no indication as to why not. Why can't they just give us proper broadband connections? >_< Much bloody less to go wrong with those and better troubleshooting options.
If anyone knows why my modem would be freezing when it gets to 'Verifying User Name and Password'. Let me know, according to the Error Code thing. The 'PPP' is not working or something. o_O
This comes at a perticularly annoying time, as I'm trying to think about what I might be able to do for my birthday and having the internet to organise it is rather important. o_o And just so everyone who might want to send me something has fair warning and can't complain that I didn't let them know. My birthday is on the 5th of June. o.o That is all.
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