December 20th, 2004


Little Update :)

Firstly, Sheffield meet was great. Great fun seeing people again and actually did stuff with people. n_n
Also, hello to Inso(</a></b></a>insofox)! Welcome to my LJ Friends, access level standard. ^_^

Finally, I've been accepted on to the beta of the new IntroVersion game Darwinia! :D Introversion if you don't know are the 'bedroom programmer' development house behind Uplink, the hacking simulator game.
Its a closed beta, but anyone can sign up for it. Also, I'm allowed to post screen shots so I've taken a few choice one's. Click the link below to see the cut for more!

Click the Cut for more!
Click the LiveJournal Cut for more
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Jack and Central

New Wallpapers!

Another post today! This time, finally have a new wallpaper. Its one by teh Gab(</a></b></a>gab)!
Its called 'Engaged' if you aren't aware of the times. Think it says it all. ;)
Also, that little Halo Radar is my new clock! :D Red dots being hours and minutes. n.n Powered by DesktopX. Acquired it from

Click for full size
Click for full size
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