July 29th, 2008

Koopa Nido

Twitter? [Y/N]

Poll #1230928 Twitter
This poll is closed.

Should I join Twitter?

Yes, then forward updates to LJ
Yes, but keep LJ and Twitter apart
No, its a waste of time

Update: Please give a comment if you can as well as to your thinking behind the option you vote for. :)

Update 2: Poll now closed as Yes collectively hits 10 votes (each getting five votes each). I'll see how it goes!

Twitter [Y]

After the results of the brief poll yesterday, I'm now on Twitter!

So, as the saying goes, you can now follow me at http://twitter.com/nidonocu.

Having a Twitter account is not needed, you can just plug the RSS feed in to your favourite reader I believe. Though it would be neat if I could have more of you on here. :) Desktop apps are available as with LiveJournal to make it nicer to use!

More interesting and informative posts will follow soon. :3