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Thankgoodness it's gone <_<

Yaa! No more 2002! :D True it had some good events in it, but on the whole it really sucked. u_u

Anyway, proper welcoming in the new year, looking back, forward, what I got for christmas and so forth to follow, but for now, smile and dance at the nearly complete Final Farce #010, which includes the first dual date copyrighted panel! OoooooOOOOooo..

http://finalfarce.bravepages.com/index.html (will open in New Window)

Oh.. ok, I think I'll give a little update..
  • Got Black and White :D Fear me and my Master Card symbol mortals!

  • Installing a new Video Card is easy. :)

  • Installing a new Hard Disk is a pain. :(

  • Metroid Fussion and Yoshi's Island (SMA4) are fun, as is TimeSplitters 2.

  • Having no internet sucks. <.<

  • Having no friends or my mate to talk to sucks more.

  • I have got so much desc writing to do before Doc/Nitro gets back. c_C;

Ok, proper, more thoughtful entry to follow. :)


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Jan. 2nd, 2003 05:51 pm (UTC)
You made me worry on where you are. I made some images but my computer went nuts and restarting all over again is a pain. I keep asking everyone on Mush if went online or not.
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