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Art Post

Sorry about last entries and their formatting. o_o; Just needed to vent my anger after reading that stuff and like, you know, my LJ so I can post what I like. :P

Anyway, Art Post:
I did this pic of Fault(Aaron) and Gab months ago in pencil. Scanned. And now finally I decied to say screw the background and just post it already. So many things wrong in this picture, but I each one is practice I guess. o.O

Copy paste these:
JPEG Version - ~360kb Larger and with some loss of some colour information as always but adjusted the compression to compensate some what since PSP8, which has now run out :(, can allow careful fiddling of the compression settings.

PNG Version - ~202kb Smaller and perfect colours. Why don't more people use this format? @_@


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Jul. 1st, 2003 05:38 pm (UTC)
PNG has less kb than JPEG. Its useful to saving space on webpages and the load on pages is shorter.
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