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Broadstairs Entry 4

Last post didn't count.

Updates then I guess are well, I've chomped my way through Order of the Pheonix and the only word I have for it is 'amazing'. o_O Bloody brillent, every word.
Started playing Pikmin again. That's been pretty fun working through it again.
Saphire ended up being given to my brother, so I'm going to have to buy my own copy if I want one. >_< Sigh. o_o I need one so it can be my cart for restarting from and getting the extra mon, and having a go as playing as the female char. o_o
I've been working on a Illustrator Pic of Togshi.. though I think when I get home, there is another small pic I want to have a go at drawing... A LJ user icon, and right now.. I've just worked out just the right emotion to put in to it. And no, cute will not be the right word.
I'll now stop to have a go at answering some prevous comments I've yet to reply to.
Final note is that I've got my Keenspot space.. though now I need to draw and fill it. o_o;

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