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The first version

I've release my game! :D :D :D


Ok, its a technical demo but still, a hard weekend of coding went in to it!

Click here to open the download link page in a new window.

Use the first link to download the game's installer, use the second one to go to the RPG Maker 2k3 download site and follow the link to download the 'Common RTP', then pic a Mirror to download from.

Install both, click the link on the desktop as instructed to decompress the sound files in the RTP.

Then run the game from the Start Menu.

Once it starts, walk up to the block thingy and press Enter. Then pic a message box type to test. :)

You can exit using the Exit MsgBox test. o.-

People let me know what you think! I've written the code for the the Menu but before I script it, I'm going do a little more planning on the storyline.. you know, that important thing. ;)

Random Fact: A student in the group using the computer to the right of me sounds and looks a little bit like Lister from Red Dwarf. o_O


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Oct. 14th, 2003 11:13 am (UTC)
Re: Technical Questions
Yeah, once you make a change to the game, it will rebuild it in RPG2K3.
New things are a side based battle system which feature 32x32 sprites. o.o
More options here and there, etc. n_n
Just follow that link to the Common RTP and download the other program. n_n
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