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Slaving Away...

Hello All o_o

This is Nido here, reporting in from Broadstairs.
I've heard about the PMM outage but if anyone wants to have a little nose, I've been working on the next even numbered Final Farce strip. Here's the first panel:

Final Farce Preview Page
Any comments send them in, I've made Sakura's robes a little lighter for example.
This one's taking a little longer due to Sautee being so complicated to colour. ;)

If anyone has contact with Mord from PMM BTW, let her know that'll I'll get type up a description for the pokemorph.com title pic and e-mail it too her in the next day or two when I can get back online here at the library.

Battie, I know I've 'missed you' before you had to go, but if you get to read this, you should know I've praying for your safe return. Erm.. try to stay safe. 'o.o'

Hugs to all, will have new computer soon. o_O;

Edit: Gah, Keithvee, just saw your site got deleted, was hoping to refrence that sprite pic from there of Amy and May as theives, o_O Can you upload that and leave a comment in this entry? ^.^;; I'll work without it, but if you can put that back somewhere I'll use it. Thanky n.n