Wii Stolen

My Wii has just been stolen (along with my SSBB game disc inside), waiting for the police to arrive and complete the formalities.

If you are on my console's friends list, please send an a message to the console telling who ever gets it that is has been stolen and to contact you back for a reward for return. Thanks.
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Twitter [Y]

After the results of the brief poll yesterday, I'm now on Twitter!

So, as the saying goes, you can now follow me at

Having a Twitter account is not needed, you can just plug the RSS feed in to your favourite reader I believe. Though it would be neat if I could have more of you on here. :) Desktop apps are available as with LiveJournal to make it nicer to use!

More interesting and informative posts will follow soon. :3
Koopa Nido

Twitter? [Y/N]

Poll #1230928 Twitter
This poll is closed.

Should I join Twitter?

Yes, then forward updates to LJ
Yes, but keep LJ and Twitter apart
No, its a waste of time

Update: Please give a comment if you can as well as to your thinking behind the option you vote for. :)

Update 2: Poll now closed as Yes collectively hits 10 votes (each getting five votes each). I'll see how it goes!

Amuse Alpha Released!

Amuse Banner
Main Screen

As promised in my last post, I created a CodePlex project for Amuse and now I'm pleased to announce that its going live as of now!
I'll keep this post brief and stick to the basics!

You can access the project home page from here:

From there, you can check out the FAQ and all the various bits of information, as well as links to the .net Framework download you will likely need and Amuse its self.

Source code is also available and is released under the BSD licence.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support as I work on this! Extra hugs to Knives / Sketch (_sketch) and Tatikyas / Nall (raimei) for joining the project and if you're still interested enteirah, I'm open!

Not much to look at right now I know but I'll be aiming to do weekly updates and builds from now on. If that doesn't speed up progress, I don't know what will!

A few things

Firstly, additional welcomes to a couple more people on my LJ who added me post-ConFuzzled. Have now added you back. :)

Secondly, just wanted to say I'm fairly proud of myself for having done some neat coding yesterday. For those who don't know, I'm working on an MU* client called Amuse for connecting to MUSH's and MUCK's in particular and I've been working on it on and off for the last few years. o_o
The trouble is of course, I've been learning as I go and each time I've made some progress, I discover some new way of doing something that makes things easier but means I end up throwing out most of the code I had done up to that point.
I've now set myself a deadline for a first release by creating a (currently hidden in its pre-release mode) CodePlex project which will self-delete in 16 days if I don't publish in time. This also marks my first Open Source project. go me. :P
If anyone new to my LJ does have an interest in .net and C# (or I guess any code) and wants to help, please let me know. o.o;

Finally, does anyone have £45 to waste buy a neat present for me? ^^ I can't really justify my own money right now since well, its not really mine. c.c;

ConFuzzled Report and more!

Firstly, welcome to my LJ for all the people who have friended me, way too many to list! I don't post that often but I hope you like what I do post. :P

The convention was simply amazing, I just don't want to stop talking about it because I don't want it to be over! Even now I'm my brain is still in convention mode and I want to get up, set things up, do things, hug things, play games with people and so much other stuff.

In fact, I can already say that the staff had already started discussing next year as the last attendees were being driven off. We know what needs improving and we will try our best to make it happen. We already have some great ideas for next years stage events and we hope we will be able to get even more of you involved next year.
Still though, we are listening to everything you say. I'm personally scanning LiveJournal for all I can but please, sign up for the forum and make a post to the feedback board. You don't have to even copy paste, just drop a link to your public entry elsewhere if you've already written up a con review!

Additionally, a mini front page has been setup with links to the forum and gallery which is up and running. Just register there and you can post your photos for everyone to find. :) (Surprisingly, I've only seen myself a few times so far! I think Tiger Tom and Spirit Raptor took the most of me, and they of course are still reviewing their snaps and selecting the best.)

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Hugs to everyone I met and thank you again to everyone that made it great. I'll see you next year!

First Convention

I write this first 'real' post for a little while being stupidly tired. Having been working non-stop for the last few days on something for Confuzzled which is now just.. two days away. Hopefully it will be done in time.

Anyway, my real purpose for this post was to ask people, its my first con, what should I pack and bring? ^_^;

Thanks for your replies. o_z I sleeeeep now.